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Sullivan McMullan’s Specialization In Real Estate Law

Updated: Feb 5

Sullivan McMullan Real Estate Law has been serving the Winnipeg real estate market for over 25 years.  The firm focuses solely on real estate transactions as we can offer a level of attention and service to our real estate clients that generalist firms are simply not built for.  Sullivan McMullan Real Estate Law is built around the needs of real estate clients.


The comprehensive expertise of Neil Sullivan and his team has assisted clients ranging from first-time homebuyers addressing credit challenges to international commercial developers. At Sullivan McMullan Real Estate Law we take the time to understand our clients’ unique real estate needs and that attention to detail pays dividends in happy clients who refer their friends and family to us.

Credit Challenges Are Never an Obstacle

At Sullivan McMullan Real Estate Law, we have worked with countless clients who believed poor credit or financial mistakes of the past prevented them from purchasing a home.  We have highly-effective legal strategies to repair many types of credit issues.  The long-term financial advantages to paying down your own mortgage rather than that of your landlord are self-evident and we take great pride in the difference we have been privileged to make in the lives of many of our clients.


Smooth Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Every commercial transaction is unique.  At Sullivan McMullan Real Estate Law, we have assisted clients in the purchase, sale or refinancing of a wide variety of commercial properties- each with their own challenges.  With our experience as an office and that of Neil Sullivan individually, we have navigated a great variety of issues on behalf of our commercial clientele.  We have particular experience in the purchase of revenue properties, such as apartment buildings and strip malls and with the sale of vacant land on behalf of developers.

Strategic Estate Planning

Real estate is often a significant portion of one’s wealth.  As such, at Sullivan McMullan Real Estate Law we regularly assist clients is the preparation of Wills as well as strategic property divestiture to realize their Estate Planning goals.  Sound Estate planning can greatly ease the burden on loved ones at a difficult time by avoiding taxation and distribution issues.  It can also give the donor peace of mind knowing that their affairs are in order. 

Maximize Returns on Investment Property

Real estate investors are an ever-increasing component of our clientele.  We pride ourselves in attracting such clients as many have worked with many other lawyers previously before discovering and remaining with Sullivan McMullan Real Estate Law.  In a sense, our Investor-clients are sophisticated consumers of real estate legal services and the fact that they find that Sullivan McMullan Real Estate Law offers superior service at a price that is low compared to other firms is a great complement to the firm that we are meeting our vision of offering great value for our services.  With our experience, we can not only process transactions, but can very often add value for our clients by suggesting financing or positioning strategies.

Smooth New Construction Projects

Neil Sullivan and his team also represent builders, contractors, developers, and homeowners on new construction projects.  Whether drafting bespoke sales agreements, assisting with subdivisions or whatever issues that may arise, we are uniquely responsive and accessible to provide real-time advice to ensure the success of our clients’ projects.


At Sullivan McMullan Real Estate Law, we approach every client relationship in a collaborative manner.  With our decades of experience combined with a focus on the needs of our clients, you will find that we are with you every step of the way on your real estate journey.  We look forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals.

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