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Credit Remediation To Purchase Real Estate

Unlock Your Dream Home: Our Law Firm Can Help Repair Your Credit and Secure Affordable Financing for Real Estate in Winnipeg.

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The Importance of a Good Credit Score for Real Estate in Winnipeg

If you want to purchase real estate in Winnipeg, your credit score is essential to obtaining affordable financing. The interest rates offered by major lenders are typically much better than those offered by private lenders or high-risk lenders.

Common Credit Pitfalls and Their Impact on Your Mortgage

An unpaid cell phone bill, a mistake on your credit report, debt referred to a collection agency, unpaid income taxes, or an old Judgment can all potentially cost you many thousands of dollars in extra interest on your mortgage or even prevent you from buying your first home.

Securing the Best Mortgage Rate for You

We can help you to repair your credit so you can obtain financing from a major financial institution. Manitoba has some unique laws that protect consumers from creditors. As a law firm that is focused on assisting clients in purchasing real estate, we cater to the needs of new home purchasers.


We have a unique toolkit that can potentially remove negative credit notations from your credit bureau. If you have credit challenges, you need a law firm experienced in remedying credit.


How We Secure Your Mortgage and Navigate Credit Bureaus for Your Success

Securing the Best Mortgage Rate for You

We can clean up your credit so you can qualify for a mortgage. Whether you get a better rate with a major financial institution or qualify to be a new Winnipeg homeowner with a non-traditional lender, we can help. As a law firm focused on Winnipeg real estate law, we have successfully resolved credit challenges for our clients and turned renters into homeowners.

Navigating the Credit Bureaus

The two major credit bureaus in Canada do not always automatically update your credit score or report accurate information, yet your credit score has a huge impact on your finances and ability to qualify for a mortgage. Don’t let a credit bureau mistake stop you from becoming a Winnipeg homeowner!

Navigating the Credit Bureaus

If you wish to remedy your credit to help qualify for a Winnipeg mortgage or a mortgage anywhere in Manitoba, please contact us, and we will explain the process.  As a law firm that solely focuses on real estate in Winnipeg and Manitoba, we can only assist people looking to refinance a home or purchase a home.  Please email us at, and you will be directed to a real estate lawyer.

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