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Commercial Real Estate Lawyer in Winnipeg

Dedicated Estate Planning and Real Estate Legal Services at Sullivan McMullan.

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How We Help

How Sullivan McMullan can help

Extensive Experience in Commercial Real Estate Transactions

Commercial Real Estate Lawyer Winnipeg: We have a great deal of experience in all manner of commercial real estate transactions. The legal services we offer to our commercial clientele are rooted in the same service-oriented principles that we offer our residential clientele. Whether your commercial real estate transaction involves an apartment building, an office building, land for development, or some other commercial real estate project, the experience and commitment of Neil Sullivan and his real estate legal team will be invaluable in assuring you have a smooth, timely, and efficient transaction.

Diverse Services for Commercial Real Estate in Winnipeg and Manitoba

We assist with commercial real estate projects in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba. We regularly help commercial real estate clients with the purchasing, selling, refinancing, repositioning, debt restructuring, and development of commercial real estate assets.

Representation of Commercial Lenders and Structuring Debt

Our practice also includes the representation of commercial lenders where we can offer invaluable insight into structuring debt in a manner that offers maximal protection while reducing the transaction costs to the borrower.

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Legal Services and Specialized Real Estate Planning With Sullivan McMullan

Simplified One-Appointment Approach

We can clean up your credit so you can qualify for a mortgage. Whether you get a better rate with a major financial institution or qualify to be a new Winnipeg homeowner with a non-traditional lender, we can help. As a law firm focused on Winnipeg real estate law, we have successfully resolved credit challenges for our clients and turned renters into homeowners.

Navigating the Credit Bureaus

The two major credit bureaus in Canada do not always automatically update your credit score or report accurate information, yet your credit score has a huge impact on your finances and ability to qualify for a mortgage. Don’t let a credit bureau mistake stop you from becoming a Winnipeg homeowner!

Legal Partnership for Real Estate Investors

Sullivan McMullan specializes in all facets of commercial real estate law in Winnipeg and Manitoba, offering expert legal services for transactions, refinancing, and development. Reach out to us at for dedicated assistance in your commercial real estate endeavors, backed by our team's extensive experience and commitment.

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